octave rec

Molins Octave REC

The Molins Octave REC is an innovative machine designed solely for Heat Not Burn (HNB) sticks production. 
Developed by Molins, it optimizes tobacco handling for modern HNB tobacco types. 
The Octave REC's innovative hopper system efficiently processes unique tobacco properties like higher moisture content and diverse cut sizes, ensuring consistent NGP sticks quality. The machine prioritizes efficiency and precision, equipped with advanced sensors and automation technology to minimize waste and maximize output, reducing the need for manual intervention. 
Its adaptability allows manufacturers to adjust settings for various tobacco types and formulations, meeting changing market demands. Quality control is paramount, and the Molins Octave REC ensures each HNB sticks adheres to stringent standards and regulations. 
Moreover, its eco-friendly design minimizes energy consumption and waste, contributing to a more sustainable production process. 
As the tobacco industry evolves, the Molins Octave REC remains a crucial player in shaping HNB production and meeting consumer demands.

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