New Forte Capsules Kit

Molins presents the Forte Capsules Kit, a new special module for the filter maker to insert flavoured capsules into the filters, thanks to the strong technological support from G.D and the tobacco companies of the Coesia group. 

The kit, with a feeding capacity up to 25.000 capsules/min, is placed between the tow and the maker sections. It consists of a double hopper, a double picking drum to reduce stress on capsules, a pitch change to accelerate them on the drums, and air blow for their release. 

The highest quality of capsule filters is ensured by a microwave system (TEWS), which identifies and rejects defective products. 

Size change with ease, from 15 mins to 1 hour, and all the parts of the kit are simple to access, dismantle and clean. 

In particular, if required to switch from white filter production with capsules to filters without capsules, the tow jet is fitted on rails for easy replacement. The capsule unit lifts up to allow white filters production: there is no need to disassemble the unit.  

The conformation of the kit ensures a high process visibility​ and intuitive maintenance activities, thanks to a simple dismantle of the drums plate. 

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