Filter rod producer, touch screen panel, handles all current types of cellulose acetate & liquid plasticizer (500 m/min)

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  • تكنلوجيا: Filter Rod Making
  • الصناعة: Tobacco
  • قطعة: Filters

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عُمق الآلة (ملم)2425
ارتفاع الآلة (ملم)2823
طول الآلة (ملم)6165
وزن الآلة (كغم)4675
المزيد من المعلومات
معلومات أخرىThe Forte filter rod making machine produces King Size, Slim, Demi-Slim and Super-Slim filter rods with high quality and low operational costs. Features include a touchscreen control panel that constantly feeds information back to the operator and a recipe storage capability that allows setting details for each filter brand to be stored and implemented at the touch of a button.
المتطلبات التنظيمية
لوائح السلامةEN ISO 13849-1, EN ISO 13850, IEC 60204-1
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